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Volkswagen Genuine Parts® Timing Belt


Changing the timing belt

Timing belts are a wear and tear parts. They are subjected to a visual inspection during the inspection and renewed if necessary or at regular intervals of 60,000 to 210,000 kilometers. Since the timing belt is permanently exposed to an enormous load, savings should not be made in the wrong place and the focus should be on reliability and quality, because demolition leads to expensive engine damage.

What does a timing belt do in the course of its life?

The timing belt connects the crankshaft and the camshaft. Without it, nothing works in the engine. And since it is constantly running, it travels a distance in the engine during its product life that corresponds to six trips around the world.

What is the function of a timing belt?

The timing belt transmits the power of the crankshaft to the camshaft. This opens and closes the engine valves. The fuel-air mixture enters the combustion chamber, burns and drives the pistons. The timing belt also often controls the water pump.

Why do you leave frequent and in time checking?

An old or heavily worn timing belt can tear and cause engine damage. The reason: the valve control of the engine gets out of step, the piston hits the valve like a bullet - often at 15 m / s. Most of the time the whole cylinder head has to be replaced.

When is it time to change the timing belt?

Depending on the model, engine and operating conditions, either fixed change intervals or test intervals according to the manufacturer are used. Fixed change intervals are mostly kilometer-dependent and can range from 60,000 km to 210,000 km. Timing belts in petrol engines are very often subject to a test interval, the technician determines during the inspection whether a replacement is necessary or not. Your Volkswagen partner knows what applies to your Volkswagen.

Tip: It is best to have your new used vehicle checked immediately.

Change yourself?

An incorrectly installed timing belt damages the engine. At the same time, the exchange is complicated and time-consuming. The toothed and guide wheels must be perfectly aligned and the timing belt tensioned correctly. The water pump, tensioning and deflection rollers should be replaced at the same time. In addition to a lot of specialist knowledge, you need special tools. So it's best to let your Volkswagen partner make the change.

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