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Glass, Light and Visibility

Genuine Wiper Blades

Product information. 

Sometimes, the weather doesn't know what it wants to do, but that doesn't matter. With Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades, you can keep your eyes on the road - thanks to their aerodynamic wireless form even at high speed or during rainy days. And if you occasionally need new wipers despite their especially long service life, don't mull it over for a long time. Replace them with one click.

Perfect fit.

Even contact pressure thanks to precision-engineered flex rails which are adjusted to the curvature and size of Volkswagen windscreens.

Clear vision and stability even at high speed.

Thanks to aerodynamic design, integrated spoiler and dual precision-engineered flex rails.

Up to 30% less wear and tear.

Thanks to high-quality materials, a special smooth-running coating and winter-proof design. 


In our tropical and humid weather condition it is important to check you wiper blade regularly.



Genuine Windscreen Cleaner

All year round optimum cleaning

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Cleaner is made to provide optimum cleaning in any conditions as it effortlessly removes waxy and oily deposits and has a high level of hard-water stability leaving you with a clean windscreen all year long. Combination of high quality ingredients that are compliant with all regulations due to the use of high-grade raw materials provides maximum environmental protection.

Did you know?

If the windscreen is dirty, hazards may not be seen until it is too late or - in the worst case - not at all. In conjunction with the wipers, windscreen wash clears dirt and grime from the windscreen.

Without a windscreen wash, the wiper blades simply spread the dirt, usually with the result of restricting vision even more.

Our genuine windscreen cleaner does not damage paint, wiper rubber and other materials with which it could come into contact. 


Make sure you top up your wind screen tank washer tank regularly.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen.

Product information.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreens are more than a protective shield against the elements. They ensure that your interior heats up less in the summer heat and provide support for your airbags during inflation.

Optimum protection.

  • Robust safety glass - supports the airbag, splinters less.

More comfort.

  • Protects against noise, shields from the sun and keeps the interior cooler in summer.

Matched to your Volkswagen.
Optimum interaction with high-tech functions (e.g. driver assistance systems like rain sensor or Lane Assist).




Check your windscreen for chips or cracks regularly. IF you do spot a chip, get it repaired soon rather than later at your nearest Authorized Volkswagen Service Center. 

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