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Brakes and Brake Fluid Stop-and-go during morning and evening rush hour, utilising brake when you need them the most in an emergency situation. Volkswagen Genuine Brakes are safety parts of your car you can rely on.

Genuine Brake Discs

Designed with flow-optimized air ducts for maximum cooling

Volkswagen genuine brake discs have reliable performance in extreme conditions and in high temperatures.

Optimum Braking Performance and Comfort  

Volkswagen Genuine brake pads are made of cast iron or steel with high chromium and molybdenum resulting in minimum noise and reduced vibration on the brake pedal. 


Genuine Brake Pads

Precise fitting with high friction retention

The model specific brake pads are made to withstand high temperatures and retain high friction to provide better braking.

100% dimensional stability and minimal tolerances

Volkswagen Genuine brake pads are made to resist high compression load and has optimally designed interplay with the brake discs.

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

A standard of its own for your safety.

 More safety in extreme cold and under heavy strain, more time until the next service. Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid has been developed in conjunction with your brake system and is far more than just standard - to be more precise, it sets its own standard: VW Standard 501 14.