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Volkswagen Genuine Parts® Brakes


Volkswagen Genuine Brakes

Our brakes are adjusted according to engine performance, vehicle weight and your model's maximum speed. Your benefits: Long service life and braking comfort with minimum wear

Safe thanks to shorter braking distances.

The perfect fit as it is developed for your Volkswagen and tailored to its weight, performance and maximum speed.

Greater endurance and has been confirmed in complex practical tests under a wide variety of weather conditions and with up to 1,000 consecutive hard brakes on the test bench.

Full performance for your safety

To ensure that you stop safely, your brakes must give their all, withstanding enormous pressure and extreme temperatures.


  • Peak temperature.
    Your brakes need to withstand 800 to 1,000 degrees when you drive downhill.
  • Strong performance.

    When you brake heavily, the brake horsepower is up to 883 kW (1,200 hp), thereby exceeding the engine performance many times over.

  • High pressure.

    In full braking, the pads are pressed against the discs with a force of approx. 15,000 N, on average.

Indicator and warning lights for your brakes



Applied hand brake
To engage a gear
Brake pedal not depressed
It's time to visit your Volkswagen Service Centre

Applied hand brake

If the hand brake is applied, release it. In the other cases, drive immediately to the next specialist to have the defect removed.


- Drive slowly.
- Adjust to longer braking distances.
- Pedal pressure may be higher.

To engage a gear

To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal.

Flashes: The locking button in the selector lever has not clicked into place.

Starting will be prevented. To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal and click the selector lever lock into place.

Brake pedal not depressed

Fully depress the brake pedal.

It's time to visit your Volkswagen Service Centre

Front brake pads worn.

Have all brake pads checked and replaced, where necessary.

Tips on all aspects of your brakes

Your brakes must be tailored exactly to your Volkswagen's engine performance, weight and top speed.

Check safety.
Have your brakes checked whenever you change your tyres. Plus: We recommend one check a year.

Change in pairs.
The brake discs and pads on one axle must be changed in pairs in each case. If they are more heavily worn on one side of the vehicle, your Volkswagen may pull to one side in an emergency braking situation.

Let the expert handle it.
Is your "Brake" control light flashing? Head off to your Volkswagen Partner - only trained specialists should work on your brakes.

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