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Tiguan Trivia

Five Things you need to know about Volkswagen’s hottest SUV

1. All in the numbers: 6 million units sold globally

Since the Tiguan made its debut in 2007, global demand has continued to soar - and from an annual production of 120,000 units to almost 911,000 units in 2019.


2. Part of an elite group of SUVs

The Tiguan is one of the top three most popular SUVs in the world and is available for purchase in 80 percent of all countries on earth, including here in Malaysia.

3. Top spot for the Tiguan in 2019

With a total of 910,926 units produced around the world, the Tiguan claimed the crown as the best-selling Volkswagen model in 2019 - and the best-selling car for the Volkswagen Group. It is also the most successful SUV in Europe right now.


4. Jungle creature

Next to the Golf, the Tiguan is the only other Volkswagen model with ties to the animal world. The name is a cross between the German words 'tiger' and 'leguan', or tiger and iguana.

5. One is born every 35 seconds …

Last year, a brand-new Tiguan rolled off the production line every 35 seconds in one of Volkswagen's factories in Germany, Russia, China and Mexico. That's 2,495 units a day in four time zones across three continents. And here's the best bit, the Tiguan you're driving here? It is assembled at the Volkswagen Pekan plant in Malaysia.


Watch the Pekan Tiguan production below.




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