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5 Years Roadside Assistance Wherever you are, we're only a phone-call away.

Roadside Assistance

Just a call away, when you need us most.

As a Volkswagen owner, you're driving one of the most reliable cars on the road. 

But so that you can have total peace of mind, all Volkswagen vehicles under warranty enjoy FREE 5 years Roadside Assistance.

If your vehicle has already broken down or you need immediate assistance please call:

From Peninsular Malaysia : 1800-88-2389

From Singapore/Thailand : +603 2161 0327

Frequently Asked Question
What is Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

This is a 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency roadside assistance service exclusive to owners of Volkswagen cars registered

in Peninsular Malaysia and enrolled in the programme. Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is manned by a team of experienced

multi-lingual staff who will provide assistance in the event your vehicle becomes immobilised


Terms and conditions apply. Not Applicable for Volkswagen cars purchased before 2009 and after 1st January 2016. The 5-year manufacturer's warranty and 5-year Volkswagen Roadside Assistance programmes are based on the 5-year period commencing on the date of purchase. 

My vehicle has broken down, what do I do next?

Telephone Volkswagen Roadside Assistance and provide the call centre staff with your name and exact location, vehicle registration number, Volkswagen model, contact details, description of the problem, confirmation of your house address and proof of ownership (if required) so that the call centre staff can efficiently coordinate assistance for you. 

What is the geographical coverage for Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is available in Peninsular Malaysia (excluding islands, except Langkawi and Penang), and in East

Malaysia within 25km of Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Kuching or on the island of Labuan.

The services are also available in Singapore and Thailand. Not applicable for Volkswagen cars purchased after 1st January 2016.

Do I have to pay for replacement parts?

Yes, replacement parts and any workshop labour costs would be your responsibility, unless covered under the manufacturer's

warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

How long do I have to wait before Volkswagen Roadside Assistance comes to my aid?

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance understands the frustration and inconvenience experienced by a vehicle owner in the event of

a breakdown. Our aim is to ensure that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Therefore, on receipt of your call, our fully trained

call centre staff will immediately arrange for the nearest and most appropriate service provider to assist you. The duration of wait

will depend on the availability of the assistance provider, your breakdown location, traffic and weather conditions. During the course

of the assistance, we will maintain contact with you and provide updates of the estimated time of arrival of the service provider.

Do I have to be with the vehicle to receive services arranged by Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

Yes, you must be present at the breakdown location in order for assistance services to be rendered to your vehicle. In the event

of a tow, you are required to sign a release form before your vehicle can be towed to the nearest Volkswagen service centre.

Please ensure that you remove all your belongings from your vehicle prior to towing. Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is not

responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in the vehicle.

Can I request for my vehicle to be towed to a workshop of my choice?

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will tow your vehicle from the accident or breakdown location to the nearest authorised

Volkswagen service centre. If you request to have your vehicle towed to a non-authorised service centre you will be responsible

for all costs associated with the towing, and you will not be eligible for any other benefit detailed in this policy.

Can I make my own arrangements for roadside assistance and obtain reimbursement from Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

In order to maintain the highest level of service, all arrangement must be made by Volkswagen Roadside Assistance. Volkswagen

Roadside Assistance has an appointed network of service providers and facilities to provide the services as described in this policy.

Who should I be contacting for road traffic accident insurance claims?

You should contact an authorised Volkswagen Body & Paint service centre and vehicle insurer for vehicle accident insurance claims.

Do I call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance if I want to make an appointment with an authorised Volkswagen Service Centre?

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is designed to provide emergency assistance. However, we will gladly provide you with the

contact details of the authorised Volkswagen service centre of your choice.

Do I call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance if my boot cannot close?

Yes, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange assistance for you since this situation could be a potential hazard if you attempt

to drive your vehicle.

My air-conditioning is not working. Can you please tow my vehicle to the dealer?

Due to the fact that this condition does not immobilise your vehicle, you would need to drive your vehicle to an authorised

Volkswagen service centre.

I am entitled to the car hire benefit. What will the replacement vehicle be?

Whenever possible, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange for a replacement car that is an intermediate/mid-sized car,

1600cc to 2000cc. However, this is subject to the availability of the car hire facility and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance has arranged a hire car for me but the repairs to my vehicle will take longer than 2 days. Am I responsible for the additional rental days?

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will provide a hire car for 2 days, after which time the cost of additional days will be your responsibility.

What should I do if my vehicle is involved in a road traffic accident?

(i) If anyone is injured, telephone the local emergency number (police, ambulance, fire brigade) for immediate assistance prior to Volkswagen Roadside Assistance.

(ii) If no one is injured, we recommend the following:

If due to the nature of the accident, your vehicle or other vehicles involved in the accident are seriously obstructing traffic or causing a potential hazard, you should contact the appropriate local authorities prior to contacting Volkswagen Roadside Assistance. This is to ensure that the authorities are on the scene as soon as possible

If the accident takes place in an expressway, the above applies; however you should make use of the emergency SOS telephones that are located on the expressways.

If neither of the above points are applicable, telephone Volkswagen Roadside Assistance. We will arrange to tow your vehicle

to the nearest authorised Volkswagen Body & Paint service centre.

Note the registration numbers of all the vehicles involved in the accident and if possible exchange contact details and insurance information with all parties involved including any witness.

If possible make a brief sketch or diagram of the accident scene detailing the location of your vehicle and other vehicles involved in the accident, the date, the time, and weather conditions.

Remove all personal belongings from your vehicle prior to towing.

Contact your insurance company at the earliest possible opportunity to inform them of the incident and request information on claim filing procedures.

Confirm with the authorised Volkswagen Body & Paint service centre if an estimate of repair will need to be provided to your insurance company.


Get 2 years Extended Roadside Assistance with Volkswagen Care Plus.

5-Years Manufacturer's Warranty

5-Years Warranty (Vehicles registered as of 1st September 2016)

All new Volkswagen passenger vehicles purchased from an authorised Volkswagen Dealership in Malaysia qualify for a 5-year New Vehicle Warranty.

Factory/Importer Warranty (5 years)

Factory Warranty will cover the first 5 years from the vehicle's first registration date. Warranty conditions for CBU Volkswagen cars - according to the purchase contract - the Volkswagen Dealership warrants for vehicles sold; for a certain period, with no paint damage and occurrence of through-corrosion on the body:

A 3-year warranty against paint defects; and a 6-, 8- or 12-year warranty (depending on type and model year) against through-corrosion. A through-corrosion in this sense means a body panel perforation, which progresses from the inside (cavity) to the outside. Should such damage occur, it will be rectified by any dealership without charge - labour or material.

Warranty claims do not exist if

The damage can be traced back to external influences or insufficient care; or faults on body or paint that were not removed in time according to manufacturer's instructions; or occurrence of through-corrosion due to repairs not carried out according to manufacturer's guidelines.

After body repair, the Volkswagen Dealership confirms the warranty against through-corrosion for repaired area.

» Read more about the warranty terms and conditions.


3 Years Free Maintenance

3 Years Free Maintenance

 Three-Year Free Maintenance.

All Volkswagen cars registered from the 1st of January 2018 are eligible, regardless of model. The three-year free maintenance programme on Volkswagen cars will help provide peace of mind to owners as the cost of caring for their cars will be taken up by Volkswagen.

This programme covers all maintenance costs, as per the standard maintenance schedule with the exception of wear-and-tear parts such as brake discs, pads, windscreen wipers and bulbs.

The owners of the cars will also need to follow the service schedule at authorised Volkswagen service centres or risk voiding the coverage. 


* Terms and conditions apply to all of the above. 

1. Servicing of the vehicle must be done at a Volkswagen Authorised Service Centre only.

2. The Three (3) Free Periodic Maintenance is not exchangeable for cash.

3. Wear & tear items are not included.

4. The Free Periodic Maintenance services are subject to intervals as stated below:

15,000 KM or 1 Year (whichever comes first)

30,000 KM or 2 Years (whichever comes first)

45,000 KM or 3 Years (whichever comes first)