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Light years

Volkswagen's journey from the functional headlight to customised light scenarios.

Know your lines: The Volkswagen Arteon

A short glossary of automotive design terms that can help you pinpoint what turns your head on the road.

The magic of colours

A look behind the scenes: the "Colour and Trim" department at the Volkswagen HQ in Wolfsburg.

A success story with many heroes

Volkswagen's special editions through the years.

What's in a Name?

Naming a new model takes a surprising amount of effort. Here are the derivations on some of Volkswagen's iconic model names.

45 years of the Passat

Bestselling mid-size model in the world: the Passat has stood for progress for 45 years.

114 Proofs of love

Who says that love cannot be expressed in numbers? In our case the number is 114. The Austrian Josef Juza loves the Golf and that is why he owns exactly 114 of them.

A triumph for the automatic

15 years ago, Volkswagen introduced the first direct-shift gearbox - and revolutionised the industry.

Charged up (for more than 40 years!)

Volkswagen has a history of electric mobility? There's probably not much to tell yet, some might think. But the reality is somewhat different: Volkswagen began conducting research into purely electrically powered vehicles back in the early 1970s.

One night in GTI heaven

A look at the very special hotel room overlooking the Volkswagen pavilion at the 37th GTI Festival.

Karmann tradition with Volkswagen future

Karmann's history is deeply entwined with Volkswagen's - and it shows. 

The coupé icon

Three generations of the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Family Trip

Thousands of fans celebrate the Beetle Sunshine Tour to Wolfsburg 2018.

Married ... with Motorsports

Petter Solberg's last appearance in the World Rally Championship came back in 2012. But in a few days, at the end of October, the 2003 world champion returns - in a Polo GTI R5. As always, he can count on the support of his motorsport-mad family.

Bye bye, Beetle

The New Beetle has united tradition and lifestyle since its launch in 1998. It and its successor, which was introduced in 2011, have attracted millions of fans around the world. The last car will be produced in 2019.