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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I find out if my vehicle is involved in a service campaign?

Click here to check out our Recall/Service Campaign Lookup tool on

How can I find more information about my vehicle warranty?

Click here to read more about our warranty details.

What cars are covered under the 'Customer Care Goodwill' programme?

All CKD and CBU vehicles produced 2013 and earlier are covered under this programme.

What parts are covered under the 'Customer Care Goodwill' programme?

'VPCM Customer Care Goodwill' programme is mainly for DSG - including mechatronic, clutch and gearbox. If there is a failure with other components, your preferred dealer is able to check using our online warranty system, whether or not there is goodwill. For the additional parts warranty, the customer must keep a copy of their repair invoices to show contribution during initial goodwill repair.

Is the 'Goodwill' programme transferable to a subsequent owner?

Yes, the 'Customer Care Goodwill' programme is connected to the car VIN Number regardless of the owner. However, the car has to be serviced at a Volkswagen authorized dealer with full service history within the mileage/service interval (every 15,000 km or 1 year, whichever comes first).

What are the steps taken to resolve DSG issues?

DSG is our Direct Shift Gearbox. The construction and operation of the gearbox is similar to a manual gearbox, but the clutch and gears are operated by a control unit. Various hardware and software improvement were implemented. Current model cars are fitted with the latest improved parts.