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About Volkswagen

A history of turning heads. Volkswagen Malaysia officially opened its doors in 2006, although the brand's history here dates back to the 1950s when the lovable, classic Beetle first made its appearance. With more than 50,000 Volkswagen cars roaming Malaysian roads, we continue to serve the needs of our customers here by offering cars that are a delight to own, and a thrill to drive.

A motoring icon.

The Beetle.

Developed in 1946 the original Beetle Type 1 was known affectionately as the Pretzel due to the divided rear window. From that humble start right up to the impressive new 2016 edition, no other car can lay claim to being an icon in quite the same way as the Volkswagen Beetle. More than 22 million Beetles have been sold all around the world. And it continues to turn heads just as it did when it debuted.

A retro classic.

The Kombi.

When it comes to character and quirkiness no other vehicle comes close to the classic Volkswagen Kombi. Think surfboards on the roof, spare tyre on the front and a mattress in the back. The Kombi's snub-nosed glory is celebrated around the world. Festivals are even held every year where passionate owners, gather to celebrate its cult status. The Transporter, Multivan and Caravelle continue Volkswagen's proud tradition of vans.