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The Car.

Only when a car defines an era, it is The car.

The car and a new beginning: No other car exemplifies the growth of the automobile industry in the 50s like the Beetle. It was not simply there, it also played a major role in the onset of a new era. Millions of people the world over owed their (previously unknown) mobility to the Beetle. And millions of roads in Malaysia and across the world witnessed its triumphant journey. So, it is no wonder that it became the first car in the world to sell over 20 million units. And a heritage was born. Today, the Beetle together with the many other models that make up Volkswagen, continue to shape the world of automobiles. Making them in their own unique way, The car.

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Only when a car gives its name to an entire generation, it is The car.

The car and a new chapter: As the rest of the automobile industry raced along towards bigger, faster cars, Volkswagen heralded a new chapter in its enterprising story – the Golf. Thanks to its values – affordable for everyone and perfectly suited for everyday use, it quickly became a worthy successor to the legendary Beetle. Since then, it has reached its fifth generation and well over 25,000,000 have been produced. And thus the Golf gave a name to an entire class of cars – and to an entire generation. Generation Golf.

Only when a car provides security for the whole family, it is The car.

The car and a sense of security: A car should accompany people on their journey as quickly and comfortably as possible. And above all, as safely as possible. That is especially true for those who cannot look after their own safety – the little ones. With them in mind, came cars like the Touran. Cars that are safe – not only for the big people in front, but especially for the little people in the back. Cars that have a huge amount of space – not just for luggage and shopping bags, but also toy cars and teddy bears. Cars that offer a body so safe it can be considered a second home.

Only when a car employs technologies that break new ground, it is The car.

The car and forward thinking: The best solution to an impossible dream? Thinking and thinking again till an answer is found. At Volkswagen, some of the most radical developments in recent times have been based on this principle. A perfect example – the one litre car, the world’s first concept car that ran the distance of 100km on just 0.99 litres of fuel. Or the Touareg TDI ‘Stanley’ that journeyed across the Las Vegas desert with no flesh and blood driver behind the wheel – just a combination of six computers. Such revolutionary projects help us constantly improve our series models. And dreams do come true.

Only when today’s car is already anticipating tomorrow, it is The car.

The car and the future: Through the years, every one of our developments has played an important role in enabling us to spearhead into the future. It is thanks to these that we find ourselves always on the right path. But we don’t rest our laurels. Because tomorrow is a new day with new needs. And so, we continue developing new breeds of concept cars, like the one shown at the IAA 2007. With the engine at the back, it combines maximum interior space with minimum overall size and the lowest CO2-emission levels. This is one of the many models that represent the new design philosophy of the Volkswagen brand. We believe that one cannot find new ways by employing old thought processes. Because the future is only as good as the ideas we have today.